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Main Gallery

Images which depict the Occupation, people and institutions perpetrating it, those affected by it and those resisting it.


Anti-Occupation activists - Palestinian, Israeli, American and others.

Occupation Tools

The Israeli occupation is maintained by a complex web of institutions and individuals, each playing a role in shaping, controlling and running the Occupation.

Art: Palestinian and Israeli Artists

A small selection of Palestinian and Israeli artists.

Art: Latuff

Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian political cartoonist. His extensive art work covers a wide range of issues, including Palestine, the Occupation, the Middle East and global US policies.

Art: Emily Henochowicz

Emily Henochowicz is a talented American artist and peace activist. In a 2010 demonstration in support of the Gaza Flotilla, Emily was hit in the face by an Israeli tear gas canister and lost an eye.

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