Israel’s War Against Palestine: Documenting the Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Lands

Support Lia Tarachansky’s Seven Deadly Myths – vote for it to win funding

15 October 2012


IOA contributor Lia Tarachansky’s film project Seven Deadly Myths is competing for funding as part of the Cuban Hat Pitching Contest.

Lia’s work figures prominently on the IOA website; you can see it HERE.   A key reason why we find Lia Tarachansky’s work to be so important, and why it is unique, is because Lia’s coverage keeps current events and the post-1967 occupation in an historical context: in her work, as well as in her film, Lia discusses West Bank settlements in the context of the Nakba.

By supporting Lia’s film project, you help disseminate important coverage of the Israeli Occupation, the destruction of Palestine, and the continuing Nakba.

Voting for the project is very simple – it really takes less than a minute.  Please go to the project Facebook page to find out how:

Thank you,
IOA Editor

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