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Knesset members celebrate after ‘successful’ anti-Zoabi vote

7 June 2010

YouTube – 7 June 2010

Knesset members toasting for the Israeli navy commandos (“Shayetet 13″) and for their parliamentary success, after a committee voted in favor of recommending the removal of MK Zoabi’s Knesset privileges in response to her participation in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

IOA Editor: If the scene depicted in video strikes you as a cruel anti-Semitic joke, rest assured you’re not the only one. Except that it is neither a joke nor is it funny.  And, yes, it’s plenty anti-Semitic – in that it is entirely, pointedly, and directly anti-Arab.

MORE on Jewish Orthodox racism – Jerry Haber: Where We Orthodox Jews Have Gone Wrong – And How We Can Make Amends

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