Zoabi: “Israel’s ‘house of democracy’ is turning into a house of racism and incitement”

MK Haneen Zoabi – Parliamentary Office – 7 June 2010

Haneen Zoabi press release – 7 June 2010

[Haneen Zoabi] stated that the Knesset committee has taken decisions in retaliation against her, and virtually every Knesset Member is calling for more extreme measures, including calls for her dismissal from the Knesset, to revoke her citizenship, to expel her from the country, and imprisonment. Thus, these MKs consider the committee’s decisions to be just a first step of more punitive measures to come. “Our response will be to defy them. We will continue on our path of upholding human values and human rights, calling for equality, justice and the end of occupation and racism despite all their incitement and threats.”

Read Haneen Zoabi press release – 7 June 2010

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