Haaretz’s Gideon Levy endorses boycott of Israel

By Mairav Zonszein, 972Mag.com – 14 July 2013

Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy

In his op-ed in Haaretz on Sunday, columnist Gideon Levy openly endorses a boycott of Israel as the “Israeli patriot’s final refuge.” He argues that it is in fact those who fear for Israel’s future that should reach the conclusion that it must be economically boycotted. He says that it is the “least of all evils” and that there is no other alternative left because:

The change won’t come from within. That has been clear for a long time. As long as Israelis don’t pay a price for the occupation, or at least don’t make the connection between cause and effect, they have no incentive to bring it to an end. And why should the average resident of Tel Aviv be bothered by what is happening in the West Bank city of Jenin or Rafah in the Gaza Strip? Those places are far away and not particularly interesting. As long as the arrogance and self-victimization continue among the Chosen People, the most chosen in the world, always the only victim, the world’s explicit stance won’t change a thing.

It should be noted that while he mentions the boycott divestment and sanctions movement as something even Justice Minister Tzipi Livni realizes is a threat, he does not specify the details of the boycott he endorses – whether he includes cultural and academic boycotts – and he also does not make mention or seem concerned about the fact that he is technically in violation of the Boycott Law, passed two years ago.
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