Warsaw Ghetto fighter to Israeli youth: Rise up against the occupation

By Noa Yachot, 972Mag.com – 9 April 2013

Statements challenging the national narrative aren’t exactly common in Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day. So it was particularly refreshing to read on the Walla news portal about a different sort of speech delivered in honor of the day. According to the site [Hebrew], Havka Folman-Raban, who fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, said the following words in a ceremony attended by Israeli youth at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum in northern Israel:

Continue the uprising, but a different uprising, a modern one, against all evil. Rise up against racism, violence and hatred of the other, and the inequality. Rise up against the occupation, we mustn’t rule and humiliate another people. It is important to achieve peace and an end to the cycle of bloodshed. My generation fought for peace and I so want to be here to achieve it.

For the full speech, see Richard Silverstein’s Tikun Olam

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