Robert Blackwill, Walter Slocombe: Israel – a strategic asset for the US

By Robert Blackwill, Walter Slocombe
Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Nov 2011

US cooperation with Israel [includes] various security concerns, from Israel’s undertakings of tasks the US might not be willing to do, to sharing intelligence and missile defense cooperation, to the Israeli expertise in cyber security that has already benefitted U.S. banking, communications, transportation and utilities.
[Haaretz –]

The report can be downloaded below. Highly recommended by Moshé Machover as “an antidote to the widespread thesis that the Israeli/Zionist tail is wagging the US dog. The US imperialists are not innocents coerced or manipulated by the evil Zionists. In fact, they are senior and junior partners, respectively.”

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Israel is a strategic asset for US national interests…
Israel, US to embark on largest joint exercise in allies’ history

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