Noam Chomsky: Looking back on 9/11 a decade later (video)

Democracy Now! interview – 13 Sept 2011

Ten years ago, at a time when lawmakers from both sides of the isle joined together to authorize endless war, Noam Chomsky’s was the leading voice to call for the United States to take a look in the mirror — for a re-thinking of U.S. actions in the Middle East and across the globe. His 2001 book simply titled 9-11 became a surprise bestseller. The book collected a series of interviews Chomsky had given on the roots of the 9/11 attacks and his prescription for a just response.

Ten years later, Chomsky has just released an updated version titled, 9-11: Was There An Alternative?, which refers to the U.S. assassination of Osama bin Laden and the continuity Chomsky sees between the Bush administration’s foreign policy and President Obama’s.

“Right at this moment, Obama has succeeded in descending even below George W. Bush in approval in the Arab world,” says Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now! Sept. 13. “The policies change, but they are hostile. We should understand where atrocities come from. They do not come from nowhere. If we’re serious, we should try to do something about what is the basis for them.”

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