Shimon Tzabar, his life and work: a new website

Shimon Tzabar: New design for the Israeli flag (2002)

Shimon Tzabar: New design for the Israeli flag (2002)

A new website honouring the life of Shimon Tzabar (1926, Palestine – 2007, London), an artist, writer, poet, satirist and amateur mycologist as well as a vocal fighter against the occupation of Palestinian land by Israel. A range of examples of his paintings and drawings, his journalistic output, plays and poetry, and excerpts from his memoirs and from writings by others about him are reproduced here, some in English and some in Hebrew [H].

To the website: Shimon Tzabar


IOA Editor: Do not miss this important website honoring the life and work of Shimon Tzabar: an outstanding artist and a vigorous opponent of the Israeli occupation, starting immediately after the 1967 war.

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