Yasmin Dahr and Eilat Maoz: To build and be built in it

ByYasmin Dahr and Eilat Maoz, Haoketz – 10 Aug 2011

Yasmin Dahr and Eilat Maoz put Israel’s July 14 Movement in its proper historical, social, and political context, including the Nakba, expropriations of lands from Palestinian owners since 1948, and separation of the classes within pre-1967 Israel – something the protest movement’s loosely structured leadership has, so far, insisted on avoiding.  Important analysis. (HEBREW)

The term “to build and be built in it” is an old Zionist expression referring to ‘nation-building’ of the Jewish people upon settlement in The Country.

[Please notify us if  you find an English translation of this important commentary.]


Read Article:  www.israeli-occupation.org/docs/haoketz_dahr-maoz_14JulyMovement_20110810.pdf (pdf)

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