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Israeli journalist: At long last we have learnt something from the Arabs

2 August 2011

From Moshé Machover – 31 July 2011

An Israeli comrade, who is a journalist,  writes:

The influence of the revolutions in the Arab countries is definitely felt in Tel Aviv. The tents, the cardboards with personal slogans, the slogan “The People Demands Social Justice”, the pluralism and tolerance and direct democracy etc. Yesterday I met in the huge demonstration an ex-colleague whom I have not seen for more than 10 years. She quit journalism and started an academic career, researching the history of the Jews in WW2. She is about 50, lives in Kfar Vitkin, married to a private eye (ex-Shabak), and came to the demo with her daughter (who was holding a big sign). I never saw her before in demonstrations. And she said: at long last we have learnt something from the Arabs.

I hope that the activists in the Arab countries, especially in Egypt, will realise their vital and deep influence on the Israelis’ motivation to protest.

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Omar 4 August 2011

This woman says, “at long last we have learnt something from the Arabs.”

I gather that if she had just been willing to open her eyes and ears a bit more throughout the years, she could have learned much from Arabs. Hers is a typical orientalist statement and should not be highlighted as something remarkable.

It should also be noted that the Israeli protests intentionally left out the question of the Palestinians.

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