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Remi Kanazi: Poetic Injustice

3 March 2011

New Book: Poetic Injustice by Remi Kanazi – 3 March 2011

IOA Editor: It was a thrill watching Remi Kanazi in action last night at a Columbia University book release party for his latest book, Poetic Injustice. It was poetry of defiance at its best. We wish him well, and know he’ll do well.  Support Remi: buy his book

Remi Kanazi: poetry of defiance at its best

Remi Kanazi: poetry of defiance at its best

don’t call it genocide
we don’t want to offend anyone
if we offend them
they’ll never listen to us
we have to be reasonable

1,400 is just a number
no names
no death
we want peace and negotiations

don’t mention Zionism
if you mention Zionism
they’ll call you anti-Semitic
and people will believe them

don’t cite Palestinian sources
no one will believe you
I won’t believe you
trust Israeli sources

don’t ever be angry
if you’re angry
they’ll call you angry
if they’re angry
everyone will call them
understandably emotional

we have to be pragmatic
pragmatism is not euphemism
for concessions
although they may feel that way

don’t mention Allah or martyrs
it reminds them of al Qaeda and 9/11
it’s not your job to fix their ignorance

don’t talk about refugees
or a one-state solution
if we want to win
we have to compromise
the road to peace is just ahead

don’t make analogies that include
the Holocaust, Nazis, or the Warsaw Ghetto
only Israelis are allowed to do this
when discussing wars on
Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran

don’t mention Yaffa, Haifa, Safad
or where your family is from
but if you do
nod when random people say they love Israel
it doesn’t matter where you came from
you can’t go back

just don’t
and that will lead to doing


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Watch Remi Kanazi in action


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