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Barak: IDF soldiers may be called into Lebanon in the future

15 February 2011

IOA Editor: Be Prepared – Israel is always ready for the next attack.

By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz – 15 Feb 2011

During tour with new IDF chief along northern border, the defense minister said Israel taught Hezbollah a lesson during the Second Lebanon War, but it could soon be forgotten.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Tuesday that Israel Defense Forces may be called into Lebanon in the future, during his first military tour with new IDF Chief Benny Gantz along the northern border.

“Hezbollah remembers the heavy beating they suffered from us in 2006, but it is not forever, and you may be called to enter [Lebanon] again,” Barak told the IDF soldiers, adding that “we must be prepared for every test.”

Barak and Gantz visited the Granit brigade situated along the border wit Lebanon, in which Gantz had served in several top military posts in the past.

Gantz did not talk to the press but said that “the choice of the tour in the north is coincidental. We will visit all areas in the next few days.”

Barak also told the soldiers that in military operations “the secret is reacting fast in the event that something happens, and within seconds, translating everything you learned in your training.”

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