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Moustafa Barghouthi: Palestine Supports Egypt

12 February 2011

By the Editor,  Palestine Monitor – 12 February 2011

After the announcement that Hosni Mubarak would be stepping down, Dr. Moustafa Barghouthi, the Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative congratulated the Egyptian people for achieving a political victory that will be remembered in history as a testament to the power of popular resistance.

Over the past few weeks, Dr. Barghouthi has emphasized the historic connection between the Palestinian and Egyptian people, noting the unparalleled support Egyptians have given to Palestinians in pursuit of their own independence. Dr. Barghouthi hopes Egypt’s next phase will see a strengthening of their relationship and commitment to democratic ideals.

Egypt’s January 25th and Tunisia’s Jasmine revolutions have inspired the entire world. The hundreds of thousands of people who swarmed all over Egypt and in Tahrir Square proved the power of concerted action even when facing violent and repressive authoritarianism. After eighteen days of popular resistance, the Egyptian people did what many thought was unimaginable and ended the thirty-year reign of Hosni Mubarak.

The Palestinian people are proud of their Egyptian neighbors, wishing them the best in the formative rebuilding of their country, and know we will continue to work together for democracy, equality and freedom.

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