Israel’s War Against Palestine: Documenting the Military Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Lands

The Palestine Papers: Summary

25 January 2011

Articles and documents covering revelations of The Palestine Papers

PA collaboration with the Israeli Occupation

‘Palestinian Authority closely coordinates security operations with Israel’
(Haaretz – 26 Jan 2011)
New ‘Palestine papers’ detail meetings discussing security measures, including instructions to kill militants.

The al-Madhoun assassination
(Al-Jazeera – 25 Jan 2011)

Laila Arian, Erekat: “I can’t stand Hamas”
(Al-Jazeera – 25 Jan 2011:)
For Fatah, the Annapolis process seems to have been as much about crushing Hamas as about ending Israel’s occupation.

UK and Quartet involvement

Gregg Carlstrom, MI6 offered to detain Hamas figures
(Al-Jazeera – 25 Jan 2011)
British government also provided financial support for two Fatah security forces linked to torture.

Gregg Carlstrom, PA questions Tony Blair’s role
(Al-Jazeera – 25 Jan 2011)
Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad wondered whether Quartet envoy’s initiatives were too small to be helpful.

Al Jazeera: Israeli-Palestinian negotiations documents

The Guardian

  • The Palestine papers
  • The Palestine papers: the documents

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