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Tibi: For Israel, the life of an Arab has less value

22 November 2010

By Haaretz Service, Haaretz – 22 Nov 2010

By handing light sentences to IDF soldiers who knowingly risked the life of a non-combatant Palestinian child, an Israel Defense Forces court has conveyed a message that the lives of Arabs have less value than the lives of Jews, Deputy Knesset Speaker Ahmed Tibi said Sunday.

Tibi made the comments after an IDF court demoted two Givati Brigade staff sergeants to the rank of sergeant, and handed them suspended sentences of three months each for inappropriate conduct during Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip in 2008.

“The entire system conveys the message that the life of a Arab, especially the life of a Palestinian child, is worth less. It’s no surprise that up to now, hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli army, and it has not led to any punishments or even condemnation,” Tibi said.

“This whole court case has been a grand deception from the start. These soldiers deserve to be sent to jail, with their commanders in tow,” Tibi added.

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