Israel’s War Against Palestine: Documenting the Military Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Lands

Hamoked’s Occupation quiz

24 July 2010

By Hamoked – July 2010

Hamoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual is an Israeli human rights organization whose main objective is to assist Palestinians of the Occupied Territories whose rights are violated due to Israel’s policies.

Our work on behalf of Palestinians whose rights are violated by the occupation constantly expands, as the occupation continues its transformation into a complex system aimed at self-perpetuation. In fact, Israel has been continually cloaking its actions through this bureaucracy of the occupation.

At Hamoked, we work to expose and publicize essential truths about the occupation, in its manifold modes of operation.

Hamoked developed an Occupation quiz which presents some of the issues Hamoked deals with each day for the past twenty-one years.  Take the Occupation quiz on the Hamoked Website

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