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Gaza Flotilla: Israeli propaganda already hard at work

31 May 2010

Gaza flotilla ship

Gaza flotilla ship

IOA Editor: Despite critical domestic complaints to the contrary, Israeli propaganda campaign is already underway to lay the blame for the latest massacre of innocent civilians on — you guessed it — the victims themselves.

While Israel has instituted a news blackout on the number of casualties, the circumstances of their death, and the many injuries, it has been reported (on Monday, 31 May 2010) that as many as 20 civilian protesters are dead and perhaps 60 are injured.

And while not explaining just how they died, IDF propaganda officials continue to release statements to the Israeli media that Israeli commandos landing on the ships were attacked with knives and metal bars, even with guns.

Those of us who follow the actions and behavior of Israeli Occupation Forces already know that blaming the victims is an old Israeli trick.

However, as the following press conference by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon demonstrates, Israel is surpassing its own record of irrationality and criminal irresponsibility, and its propaganda machine has now reached well beyond its previous limits of the imagination.

The IOA is will present both news and analysis of the Gaza flotilla in the coming days.

Note:  Israeli press reports indicated that the Deputy Foreign Minister took questions only from Israeli journalists and refused to make statements in English.

31 May 2010, Israel National News

Israel’s Position Presented in Press Conference

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon addressed the press Monday morning after the Gaza Flotilla operation. Attendance by the international media was sparse.

TRANSCRIPT (unofficial):

“I want to report this morning that the armada of hate and violence in support of the Hamas terror organization was a premeditated and  outrageous provocation. The organizers are well known for their ties with global Jihad, Al-Qaeda and Hamas. They have a history of arms smuggling and deadly terror. On board the ship we found weapons – prepared in advance and used against our forces.

“The organizers’ intent was violent, their method was violent, and the results were unfortunately violent. Israel regrets any loss of life and did everything to avoid this outcome. We repeatedly called upon the organizers, and all those who associated with them, through diplomatic channels and any other means we could – to stop this provocation. The so-called humanitarian aid was not for a humanitarian purpose. Had it been for a humanitarian purpose, they would have accepted our offer to deliver all humanitarian supplies through the appropriate channels which are used on a daily basis, as we make sure that Gaza will not be short of humanitarian supplies. On a daily basis we do that.

“We asked them to send [their supplies] through the proper channels, whether it’s the UN, whether it’s the Red Cross, whether it’s our people – but to no avail. They said it’s a humanitarian campaign, but in fact what they said repeatedly is that their intent and purpose was to break the maritime blockade on Gaza. [The blockade] is very legal and justified by the terror that Hamas is applying in Gaza. Allowing these ships to go in a illegal way to Gaza would have opened a corridor of smuggling arms and terrorists to Gaza with the inevitable results of many, many thousands of civilian deaths, and violence all over the area.

“After these repeated calls were not heeded by the organizers, we told them that they will not be allowed to break the blockade. According to maritime law we have the right to do that. Unfortunately the people and organizers on the ship did not heed the calls of our forces this morning to peacefully follow them and bring a peaceful closure to this event.

“No sovereign country would tolerate such violence against civilian population, against its sovereignty, against international law. And we in Israel call today upon all relevant parties and on all relevant countries to work together in calming the situation.”

The complete IOA coverage of the Gaza Flotilla

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