Israel’s War Against Palestine: Documenting the Military Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Lands

2009 Video selection

31 December 2009

Please note: nearly all videos can be viewed full screen; look for button on video viewer (bottom left on YouTube videos)

Al Jazeera: Palestinians denied access to water
14 Nov 2009

Al Jazeera: US U-turn on Middle East peace process
2 Nov 2009

Al Jazeera: Jewish lobby with a difference
26 Oct 2009

Note: Search the IOA website for “J Street” to assess the extent (Hint: Minimal!) of this reported “difference” (search-box at top-right).

Amira Hass receives a life-time achievement award – 21 Oct 2009

Recording of David Beeri, chief Jerusalem digger 4 Oct 2009

Bil’in night raid, some injuries – 16 Sept 2009

Israeli soldiers fire on Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland
4 Sept 2009

Homeless in East Jerusalem
15 Aug 2009

Who Profits from the Israeli Occupation?
10 Aug 2009

Walled Horizons, Part 1 – narrated by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd founding member)
26 Aug 2009

Walled Horizons, Part 2 – narrated by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd founding member)
26 Aug 2009

Israeli Human Rights Activist Ezra Nawi’s arrest (
29 Apr 2009

Settler assaults Peace Now volunteers, Channel 2 news
5 July 2009

Memory of the Cactus – the Latroun Villages (trailer)
29 May 2008

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