Israel’s War Against Palestine: Documenting the Military Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Lands

India bought an advanced spy satellite from Israel

9 March 2009

According to Jane’s, Israel is the world’s fifth-largest arms exporter (2007).

Whether exporting citrus fruit (decades ago) or weaponry (for many years now), Israel’s marketing seems remarkably similar: scantly dressed young women and music — this time dancing around flower-draped missiles.

The Rafael War Dance: Wired magazine rated this arms marketing video as possibly “the most atrocious defense video of all time,” leaving out, naturally, any discussion of the actual products — Israeli-made weapons of mass destruction — or their global customers, among them, the worst dictatorships on earth. Highly sophisticated arms and munitions; air, land, and water-borne killing machines, computerized military applications, and related consulting services constitute most of Israel’s export – all tested and refined on the battlefields of Gaza and Lebanon, and marketed as such.

UPDATED 22 March 2009: Haaretz reports that India bought an advanced spy satellite from Israel. As reported in the Hebrew-version story, the 300Kg piece goes for $300M: a cool $1M per kilogram. Beats oranges…

Note: The Rafael website has little effect unless viewed on MS Internet Explorer. Click on screen to watch video.

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