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Souad Amiri: Closing speech at TEDx, Ramallah – 2011

23 April 2011

By Souad Amiri, TEDx – Ramallah, 16 Apr 2011
Part I:
Part II:

Souad Amiri’s inspiring, and hilarious, closing speech at the TEDx Ramallah meeting on 16 April 2011. A Must Watch!

Part I

Part II

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admin 29 April 2011

This unfortunate development is on the YouTube end. If anyone finds an alternate source for Souad Amiri’s wonderful speech, please leave a comment with a link.

Thank you,
The IOA Team

Mohammed Taha 28 April 2011

Dear All,

It was a really really useful youtube for Dr. Suad Amiry and I wanted to show to many people so we can share her word of advice but unfortunately that the youtubes are not available anymore.

Very disappointed!!!

Can somebody help?

Great Thanks,
Mohammed Taha

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