Moshé Machover: Israelis and Palestinians – conflict and resolution

By Moshé Machover, – 8 July 2012

Moshé Machover

Moshé Machover

On 8 July, at a Marxism 2012 fringe meeting, hosted by the CPGB, Moshé Machover pre-launched his recently published book, Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and resolution.

A podcast of the talk Machover gave at that meeting is available at:

More on the new book can be found on this IOA page.

Moshé Machover is an Israeli socialist anti-Zionist activist and co-founder of the Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen). He is currently living in London, England. He is emeritus professor of philosophy, King’s College, London University. His most recent book is Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution.

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