Dear Mr. Tzabar

Shimon Tzabar: New design for the Israeli flag (2002)

Shimon Tzabar: New design for the Israeli flag (2002)

By Christopher Sykes YouTube – 19 March 2011

A short film about the late, celebrated Israeli journalist, poet, artist and satirist Shimon Tzabar and his last public protest against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, made shortly before his death in 2007 after forty years of self-imposed exile in London.

A short documentary about a remarkable man and his conscience. Self-exiled Israeli journalist, artist, best-selling children’s book author and satirist Shimon Tzabar finds himself in deep trouble when he publishes the spoof Michelin Guide to Israeli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Torture Chambers.

More on the Shimon Tzabar website.

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