Hala Gabriel: Road to Tantura

By Hala Gabriel,  Vimeo – 9 Jan 2012
Project website:  www.roadtotantura.com/

Work in progress. 20 Min.
Please check the project website for more clips and interviews that will be included in the completed documentary once funds are raised. Website: www.roadtotantura.com
The Road to Tantura is a gripping documentary film that follows a Los Angeles woman as she delves into the history of her family’s past.

In 1948, her family was ripped from their homeland of Palestine, forced into refugee camps in Syria, and years later landed as immigrants in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

By telling the story of one woman’s journey to her family’s past, this documentary offers a microcosm of the collective Palestinian experience that has been kept buried along with those who perished in Tantura that fateful day in 1948.


IOA Editor: For over 50 years, Tantura has been one of Israel’s most popular beaches; few Israeli-Jews are aware of its history.

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