American and Israeli anti-missile system test is a success

By Richard Henley Davis, The Economic Voice – 22 Feb 2011

America and Israel have successfully tested Israel’s Arrow 2 ballistic anti-missile system off the coast of California.

The joint exercise between Israel Aerospace Industries and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency involved firing a  missile from an offshore platform inside a U.S. Navy firing range to see if the Arrow 2 system would detect and destroy the missile.

The Arrow 2 then successfully detected and destroyed the missile, Israel Aerospace Industries Green Pine radar system was also tested in this exercise.

The test was carried out see if the Arrow project (which is a joint development between the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Boeing) would be of defensive value against the Iranian Shahab 3 missile.

Both America and Israel fear the Iranians could fire the Shahab 3 or unknown new missiles at American and Israeli military bases and the threat of civilian areas being targeted by Iran also remains.

The test was the eighteenth test of the Arrow system but only the second for the Arrow 2 which has been modified recently with new software.

Head of the Homa Missile Defense Agency, Arieh Herzog said “This test is important for Israel as it prepares to counter the ballistic missile threat in the region”.

He went on to say “This test proves the success of the system after it underwent new upgrades.”

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