Israel’s War Against Palestine: Documenting the Military Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Lands

Israeli attack on Iran: A Study of Options and Consequences

15 May 2009

Haaretz – 15 May 2009

In advance of Netanyahu’s White House visit on Monday, Haaretz published a detailed report covering Anthony Cordesman’s and Abdullah Toukan’s (Center for Strategic & and International Studies) March 2009 military and political anaylsis of possible Israeli attack scenarios and their consequences. Haaretz concludes:

“[A]ll the declarations about developing the operational capability of IAF aircraft so they can attack the nuclear facilities in Iran, and the empty promises about the ability of the Arrow missile defense system to contend effectively with the Shahab-3, not only do not help bolster Israel’s power of deterrence, but actually undermine the process of building it and making it credible in Iranian eyes.

The time has come to adopt new ways of thinking. No more fiery declarations and empty threats, but rather a carefully weighed policy grounded in sound strategy. Ultimately, in an era of a multi-nuclear Middle East, all sides will have a clear interest to lower tension and not to increase it.”

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