By Yair Svorai, Haaretz – 12 March 2017

The expansion of Jewish settlements has followed a consistent pattern for about 100 years – the replacement of Palestinians by Jews. The new U.S. president provides a historical opportunity to accelerate the process.

This [ongoing state of occupation and settlement] is nothing short of new-age apartheid, where the indigenous population is not only of no value to its colonial masters – not even as a source of cheap labor – but it is essential for the success of the colonial project that it be removed: the more of “them” that are gone, the better off “we” are. That people-removal process is called ethnic cleansing, which is a crime against humanity under the statute of the International Criminal Court.


A somewhat shorter version of this article, that is not behind a pay-wall, is posted on Mondoweiss: Trump and the ever expanding Israeli occupation of Palestine.