Gilbert Achcar, Tom Segev: The Arabs and the Holocaust

Gilbert Achcar and Tom Segev discuss The Arabs and the Holocaust
Jewish Book Week – 3 March 2011

Arab and Israeli reactions to the Holocaust differ naturally and are yet closely interconnected, as the Nazi genocide of the Jews has become the object of various and often symmetrical forms of instrumentalisation on both sides of the Middle East conflict. Paying tribute to Tom Segev’s study of Israeli reactions in his best-selling The Seventh Million, Gilbert Achcar’s most recent book explores the Arab side of this history in all its complexity from the 1930s to our time. A dialogue between these two critical minded authors is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

The Arabs and the Holocaust

Gilbert Achcar – Lebanese academic, correspondent and anti-war activist – is currently Professor of International Relations at SOAS. The Arabs and the Holocaust is his latest book.

Tom Segev is a leading Israeli historian, renowned for his independence of mind. A columnist for Haaretz, his latest book is a biography of Simon Wiesenthal.

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