Seattle Mideast awareness campaign: Gaza vigil and metro bus ad campaign

By the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign

Please come join us in a walking vigil to remember the ongoing siege and attacks on Gaza.

Dec 27 will be two years from the day when Israel launched its three week attack on the captive population Gaza, killing 1400 people including 400 children. Israel continues frequent attacks and has maintained its illegal siege and blockade, restricting food, medical supplies and other necessities, as well as preventing reconstruction. After two years, the situation in Gaza is still desperate. And Israel continues driving out Palestinians in the West Bank to make room for Jewish-only settlements.

On Monday Dec 27, Palestine Solidarity Committee will hold a silent walking vigil in downtown Seattle. We’ll meet at 5:00 pm at the south end of Westlake Plaza, near the trees and benches. We will dress in black and some people will wear kufiyehs and the tears-of-blood masks we have used many times before. We will walk in procession on sidewalks around the downtown area, with colleagues to hand out leaflets about the situation in Gaza. It will be a simple small mobile action and will be finished before 7:00. (Stores stay open later in this shopping season, and we’ll be stopping at some boycott target locations.) We will do it rain or snow or clear sky.

If you would like to join us, come to the south end of Westlake Plaza by 5:00. Please wear black or dark colors (and dress warmly). If you have your own kufiyeh, bring it. We will have some signs to carry.

BRING CANDLES or lanterns if you can. It will be dark by that time of day, and though there will be streetlights, candles will still show up.

Monday December 27, 2010
5:00 pm
Westlake Plaza, 4th & Pine — south end near benches and trees.

IOA Editor: Also, read about the group’s upcoming Seattle Metro bus ad campaign, and the predictable reactions to it:

By Keith Ervin, Seattle Times staff reporter – 21 Dec 2010

An advertisement alleging “Israeli war crimes” won’t appear on the sides of some Metro Transit buses for another week, but it’s already ignited a political firestorm.

The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign, which bought the ad, says it’s intended to break through what it calls the silence over Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians.

For the full article, click HERE

UPDATED ACLU suing King County over cancellation of disputed bus ad

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