Israel’s War Against Palestine: Documenting the Military Occupation of Palestinian and Arab Lands

Mustafa Barghouthi: Our Story

27 November 2010 – 25 Nov 2010

A 13:55 min trailer for Our Story, an important 55 minute presentation by Mustafa Barghouthi, documenting Palestinian history, the Occupation, the dispossession and displacement of the Palestinian people by Israel from 1948 to the present day.

After generations of one-sided analysis of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi’s Our Story provides a Palestinian perspective on the history of occupation and ethnic cleansing.

Following an enthusiastic international reception and cinematic release, Our Story provides a definitive account of Palestinian history, charting occupation and displacement from 1948 up to the present day. Featuring shocking accounts from the Gaza war, the film is a must for anybody who wishes to hear the untold truths behind the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

To order the film on DVD, send requests to Or call on +972 599 9 400 73

Mustafa Barghouthi is a Palestinian leader and the head of Al-Mubadara, the Palestinian National Initiative.  He is a democracy activist and was a candidate for the presidency of the Palestinian National Authority in 2005.

The IOA is honored to have Mustafa Barghouthi as a member of its Advisory Board.

More about Mustafa Barghouthi on Wikipedia.

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