Don’t say you didn’t know, Tel-Aviv film festival participants

By Don’t Say You Didn’t Know – 19 Nov 2010

On July 9, 2005, the Palestinian Boycott National Committee issued its unified call for Boycott Sanctions and Divestment from Israel, demanding Israel to cease its decades-long violations of Palestinian human rights.

This is a list of the artists who were scheduled to perform in Israel and asked not to cross the picket lines of this struggle, but instead chose to follow the footsteps of Elton John who entertained apartheid South-Africa, and gave their stamp of approval to a reality in which a Palestinian under Israeli occupation is barred from coming to their show in Tel-Aviv.

Steven Soderbergh, Tony Palmer, Thomas Ladenburger, Tom Magill, Yony Leyser, Lionel Guedj, Galina Evtushenko, Percy and Felix Adlon, Helma Sanders-Brahms.

These participants of the Tel-Aviv International Art Film Festival, received a letter explaining to them that the festival which they intend to honor with their films and presence is sponsored by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as well as Israel’s banks Discount and Hapoalim, all directly complicit in the perpetration of Palestinian human rights violations — both banks were recently found accountable for financing economic activities which sustain continued Israeli control over the occupied territories.

Below is a list of email addresses for these directors who plan to come to the festival and talk about their films. Please write to them and tell them that you know they know that Palestinians fans of their work living under Israeli occupation are not allowed to come see their films and participate in their Q&As.

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